Baisano Labs


My name is Sebastián Pérez Saaibi. I’ve built and led Data Science and Machine Learning teams for the past 8 years. I have over a decade of experience using Data Science and Applied Machine Learning to solve real world business problems in industries such as Retail, Healthcare and Finance. I’ve had the opportunity to be an individual contributor, startup founder and technical manager throughout this journey.

I’m interested in building teams of Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers and Data Engineers to come up with products that solve complex organizational challenges, as well as mentoring data scientists and technical managers. I like good coffee, spending time with my family, running and reading.

I have a background in Computational Science and Engineering, Physics and Mechanical Engineering. I’m currently a Sr. Manager of Data Science and Engineering at Shopify. I built and led the Data Science and Machine Learning teams at Phreesia and Pager. In 2011 I founded Aentropico, the first Predictive Analytics Startup in Latin America. I enjoy discussing entrepreneurship, data ethics and building effective data science teams, among other topics.