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Growth Trajectories for Senior ML Engineers and Data Scientists

This post was originally published as a story in Plato


I had a senior data engineer that started to become unmotivated and unhappy in his job. I began looking deeper to understand the source of his distress and I came to learn that he felt like he was hitting the perceived ceiling of growth in our company. He was a valuable asset to us, thus, I needed to strategize ways in which he could continue growing with our organization so that he did not feel bored nor like he reached the peak of growth within our company.

Actions Taken

First, have a well-defined career ladder. If an individual contributor is making progress and would like to grow, have outlined track options that they may take in order to move up on that ladder.

Next, understand whether the senior engineer would like to stay on the engineering track or if they would like to move to the people management track. This is a simple initial question to ask, yet it might be difficult to answer. Help and guide your engineer to make this decision so that they may find their correct path.

Technical/Engineering Track- Determine whether the senior engineer has someone internally that they can learn from, or are they the source of technical knowledge.

Lessons Learned